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Lapel Pins

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Black Flower Lapel Pin

Black Flower Lapel PinProduct description:COLOUR: BlackMATERIAL: 100% silk satinSIZE: Flower diamete..


Blue Flower Lapel Pin

Blue Flower Lapel PinProduct description:COLOUR: BlueMATERIAL: 100% silk satinSIZE: Flower diameter:..


Burgundy Flower Lapel Pin

Burgundy Flower Lapel PinProduct description:COLOUR: BurgundyMATERIAL: 100% silk satinSIZE: Flower d..


Fuchsia Pink Flower Lapel Pin

Fuchsia Pink Flower Lapel PinProduct description:COLOUR: Fuchsia PinkMATERIAL: 100% silk satinSIZE: ..


Green Flower Lapel Pin

Green Flower Lapel PinProduct description:COLOUR: GreenMATERIAL: 100% silk satinSIZE: Flower diamete..


Imperial Green Flower Lapel Pin

Imperial Green Flower Lapel PinProduct description:COLOUR: Imperial greenMATERIAL: 100% silk satinSI..


Navy Blue Flower Lapel Pin

Navy Blue Flower Lapel PinProduct description:COLOUR: Navy BlueMATERIAL: 100% silk satinSIZE: Flower..


Purple Flower Lapel Pin

Purple Flower Lapel PinProduct description:COLOUR: Purple/ MauveMATERIAL: 100% silk satinSIZE: Flowe..


Red Flower Lapel Pin

Red Flower Lapel PinProduct description:COLOUR: RedMATERIAL: 100% silk satinSIZE: Flower diameter: 3..


Yellow Flower Lapel Pin

Yellow Flower Lapel PinProduct description:COLOUR: YellowMATERIAL: 100% silk satinSIZE: Flower diame..


    Lapel Pins

    The lapel pin could be the star element of your outfit, due to its capacity of adding both a touch of personality and originality, class to almost any look, no matter if it is a smart, an elegant or a casual one.

    These delicate clothing accessories provide to the all wearers outfits a compilation of elegancy and refinement.

    Our selection of lapel pins bring together the beauty of the fabric – silk satin in shades of red, yellow, blue, black, white, green and so on and the art of our hand makers. So, we invite you to explore our online shop and choose between:

- the lapel pins with floral design, especially created in order to be able to ensure a truly unforgettable outfit;

- the lapel pins with mini-bow-tie design, for an elegant and distinctive addition to your outfit in any occasion, formal and non-formal, conformist or non-conformist.

As practical advices, depending on the event and on your personal preferences, we recommend you the following:

1. If you chose the floral lapel pins, then you should take into account that for a perfect outfit, you have to wear also other smart clothing accessories, as bowtie/tie, suspenders/ belts, handkerchief, and cufflinks. For a perfect combo, we invite you also to have a look to our range of clothing accessories. So this lapel pin is more appropriate for special events, as weddings, ceremonies, and formal occasions, to leave a lasting impression.

2. If you chose the mini-bowtie lapel pin, you have to avoid in this case to wear a bowtie, to not double the effect of this element. The mini-bowtie lapel pin is the perfect choice for creating very quickly a completely individual look. For a smart-casual vibe, we recommend you to finish off your outfit with a simple contrasting pocket square or handkerchief. It is appropriate especially for business meetings, formal and non-formal cocktails, friends meetings, dinners, dates. 

    So we invite you to check out our range of lapel pins, along with our extensive collection of clothing accessories like: bowties, ties, suspenders, handkerchiefs, belts, and cufflinks.

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